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Name Ishibashi@Law@Office
Address 1201 Grand Court Minamimori-machi
2-2-14 Tennjinbashi Kita-ku, Osaka-City JAPAN 530-0041
Tel 06-6356-6359
Fax 06-6356-6389

Kazuakira Ishibashi
Shino Ishibashi

Office time Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-5:30pm
(Overtime work available according to a case)

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Please contact us by phone before visiting.

Lawyer Kazuakira Ishibashi established this law office in 1979(Showa 54).

He registered as a lawyer in Osaka in 1966(Showa41).
He has dealt with many civil cases and criminal suits, and also the lawsuit of pollution disease "itai-itai disease", chemical poisoning "Smon disease", noise pollution of the Osaka International Airport, etc., as a counsel for the victims, and worked energetically for each case.
He is a tough lawyer with the good skill cultivated by the various serious cases, and he has won confidence of the clients.
The office was relocated to the present place in March, 2001(Heisei 13).

Lawyer Shino Ishibashi, his eldest daughter, has seen his work since childhood, and aspired to be a lawyer when she was a student at Kyoto University.
She enrolled herself as a lawyer in Osaka in April, 1996.
She joined Umeda Sogo Law Office, handled many civil actions of companies or individuals, cases of traffic accident etc., especially she gained experience with Reorganization, Liquidation, Bankruptcy, Composition.
In March, 2002(Heisei 14), she was promoted to a partner, but left the office in March, 2004(Heisei 16), decided to manage Ishibashi Law Office with lawyer Kazuakira Ishibashi.

We always work for the clients with sincerity and accuracy, and we hope to be trustworthy for the clients.


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